Administration Team

Ryan Jones and the Admin Team provide leadership and oversight to all areas of accounting and budgeting. A subgroup of Admin sets  staff salaries and benefits.  The Admin Team meets monthly for fellowship and to discuss financial issues as well as other issues related to Cornerstone as a legal entity.  If these kinds of things are your "cup of tea," you're more than welcome to join the group. Email Ryan Jones to find out about the next meeting.  (Laura Stager's brownies are worth the trip.) 

"No Secrets"

We have a "no secrets" policy when it comes to money. We don't publish salaries but anyone in the church is free to contact Ryan if they would like more information on anything related to money. We believe givers deserve the assurance we are being good stewards.

Here's our latest financial report. Since the beginning, we've chosen to budget carefully, and to spend conservatively, so we can give more money away. We agree with Hudson Taylor, that "God's work, done in God's way, will never lack God's supply." We believe this is true for both ministry expenses and buildings, therefore, we will never incur indebtedness -- for anything.  

Special Sunday Offerings

From the beginning we have chosen to "live" on a 48 week budget. The four other offerings every year are given away to other local and overseas ministries. We call these offerings Special Sunday Offerings. Here is a guide for developing a Special Sunday Offering proposal. Since we started in 2003 we have given away in excess of $3.5 million. 

Church Directory

We periodically publish a church directory which we email to members. Neither the directory, nor any other Cornerstone event, service, or facility, can be used for "business purposes." Download our "Business Use" policy.