Small Groups

Authentic relationships are a core value of Cornerstone, and we have a variety of small groups where people can connect. After all, God wired us for relationship with Him and with each other.

Community Groups are small groups which meet in a ten-week Fall Cycle (Oct-Dec) and another ten-week Winter-Spring Cycle (Feb-April).  Most groups discuss the previous Sunday's sermon but some choose to do something else.  Joining a group is easy, you just contact one of the leaders to say you want to join. We don't try to "manage" groups. If you go to a group and it's just not a fit, no problem! Try a different one!   If you have questions email us.

Inspire: Cornerstone’s “empty nester” women  meet once a month during the summer to support one another in common life experiences.

July 17 &Aug 21 - Chris Welling's home, 13490 SE Orient Dr., Boring 

Contacts: Melody Mayner 503-668-4027, Dona Barker 503-492-2605,

Yvonne Knoll 503-869-6410

Most other small groups don't meet during summer months. In  the winter Community Groups meet on several nights of the week. Plus...

  • Tuesday 6:00 am @ church office - Men's Bible study
  • Tuesday 7:00 pm @ Knight's - Women's Bible study
  • Wednesday 10:00 am @ Glover's - Women's Bible study

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