Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I find out what is going on during the week at Cornerstone?

You can find out about a group, activity or other event in several different ways. Most church events are placed on the calendar on the church’s website. It's a good place to start. Facebook is another way a lot of communication happens on the Cornerstone Church Facebook page. It’s a closed group but if you request to be a member and we know you, we’ll let you in.  We publish a Bulletin each week and most Thursdays we also send out an email update with information about the week ahead. Email the church office to get added to the Update list. 

 How can I quickly get connected at Cornerstone?

We don't pack the weekly calendar with programs because we want to leave lots of room for family time, community involvement and for building relationships in more organic ways. We've found that relationships develop best if people do three things: 

Make it a priority to gather together with the church each Sunday. 

Find a place to serve -- something you enjoy doing!

Be part of a Community Group or another small group that helps you make friends.

Does Cornerstone have membership?  

Yes, but it's probably different than any membership you've encountered before. (For one, memberships all expire at the end of the year!) Check our Membership page for more information. 

Where can I find out about:  Nursery, Sunday School, Youth Ministries?

What if you or a friend could use a meal or two during a difficult time?

Relationships drive most things at Cornerstone. If you or a friend are having a baby or have been sick and need to organize meals, then simply go to takethemameal.com and get things rolling. Once the scheduling has been set up, let everyone know on Cornerstone’s Facebook page. We’d suggest scheduling meals every other day because there always seems to be leftovers. 

What are Special Sunday Offerings?

From the beginning we have chosen to "live" on a 48 week budget. The four other offerings every year are given away to local and overseas ministries. We call these offerings Special Sunday Offerings. Here is a guide for developing a Special Sunday Offering proposal. Since we started in 2003 we have given away more than $3 million.

When are we going to build a building?

We actually like meeting in a school each week and have no plans to construct a building. It has helped foster a great relationship with our community and given us plenty of opportunities to serve. The set up and tear down times each week give many families a chance to serve together. After setup is done, there is ample time to grab a cup of coffee and chat before the service starts. It is by serving together that many friendships in Cornerstone are formed. 

Other questions? 

If we missed your particular question, feel free to contact either of our pastors or email our Administrative Assistant, Polly Carl, at the church office.