Membership helps to define a community of believers and it unites us around our vision: “To see God glorified and His kingdom multiplied." Membership at Cornerstone is not about getting your name on a list. It's a living promise, an annually-renewed commitment (or covenant) that a person makes to the Lord and to this community of believers.

(Download 2017 Membership Covenant form.)

Membership involves a commitment to four things: 

A commitment to sharing the Gospel. The great story of God reconciling people back to himself informs us of how we should live every day not just at the moment of salvation. As the Body of Christ we corporately share the Gospel each Sunday as we hear this Good News proclaimed and encourage one other with that truth. The natural outflow of a Gospel-centered life is sharing the good news with those who have not yet heard or accepted it.

 A commitment to discipleship. The everyday commission that Jesus gave his followers was to make disciples. That’s exactly what Jesus was about as he lived life with a group of men showing them how he dealt with relationships, challenges, sorrow and joys. He taught them, asked questions, got them involved and modeled what it meant to live wholly devoted to God in every area of life. Discipleship is more than an hour Bible study, it’s life on life that comes from a foundation of God’s Word. 

 A commitment to giving. The Bible talks a lot about money. Money is a reliable measure of heart condition. God knows we have short memories so he tells us to constantly practice giving, to guard against doing what comes naturally--hoarding. Giving reminds us that He owns everything (Deut 8:18), it gives the giver great joy (Prov 3:9), and it accurately indicates spiritual maturity (2 Cor 8:7; 9:7).

A commitment to serving. The Bible says servanthood is something worth aspiring to, not something to shun. Jesus served – to the point of death (Phil 2) -- and he asks us to do the same. Leaders should set the example. They should be the first to serve (Mark 10:44-45). There are many ways and places to serve the Lord – in the community, in Christian organizations, and in the church.  Where you serve isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you are serving somewhere.

Memberships all expire every year. That means every year we get a chance to review and renew our commitment. We actually ask people to write on the covenant how they’ll serve the Lord. We take serving that seriously! Are you ready to make that kind of commitment? Print this form and bring it to church. Drop it in the offering basket as a gift to the Lord.

Looking for a way to serve? Here are some ways for adults and children