Fall Community Groups

10 Weeks October 7th - week of December 9th

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Study Questions for the Gospel of John series.

Lesson One (Week of Oct 7)

Lesson Two (Week of Oct 14)

Lesson Three (Week of Oct 21)

Lesson Four (Week of Oct 28)

Lesson Five (Week of Nov 4)

Lesson Six (Week of Nov 11)

Lesson Seven (Week of Nov 18)

Lesson Eight (Week of Nov 25)

Lesson Nine (Week of Dec 2)

Lesson Ten (Week of Dec 9)

12:30 lunch

Sermon Series

With Jay and Christy Amadio

Erik and April Wright




Sermon Series

With Eric and Leah Moffat

Joel and Amy Woodard



7:00 pm

Sermon Series

With Greg and Andrea Moffat

John and Kelly Rasmussen

Join us at the Rasmussen's House


7:00 PM

Sermon Series

With Barry and Vicki Arnold

Mark and Laura Stager



7:00 PM

Sermon Series

With Andy and Jen Wilson

Dave and Yvonne Knoll


Thursdays 7:00 pm

Sermon Series

With Walter and Jan Cuadra

Matt and Maralle Moffat


Thursdays twice a month 7:00 pm

Young Adults Group

With Ryan and Shauna Hernandez